Pencils in Painter

Even though I do a lot of my digital art in Photoshop, Painter is still a very valuable tool. Its dedication to traditional media brushes and pencils is invaluable for getting certain strokes and textures. There are a lot of possibilities and unlimited variations. Here are a few samples of out of the box pencils.

Painter also allows you to save to a PSD file, so if you want to create a piece with both Photoshop and Painter you can. Use the most effective tools from each software package to maximize your efforts and create something impossible with each one alone. I guess it is a “mixed media” painting in a digital sort of way.


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  1. Leah Jay December 12th, 2012 11:21 pm

    Hi Ed, Thanks for this – I’ve been very anti-digital in my years of doing illustrations, but I am behind the times. I’m using Photoshop CS3 (old but still works and is robust) and have always been frustrated that things appear too smooth and even. The airbrush tool is one thing, but even using other tools to shade, color and fill has never done the trick – the result ends up looking very unsophisticated. It’s nice to know that Painter can create a more organic look, and that it works with Photoshop is even better. I should look into it. Thanks!