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Image Adjustment in Lightroom

I purchased Adobe Lightroom actually looking for something to help me file and categorize my thousands of pieces of artwork, graphics, and photography. What I have found, however, is that some of the really useful features in Lightroom are the color correction capabilities. For some images that never seemed to be quite right in Photoshop, I have been able to get them just the way I want them in a matter of a few minutes using Lightroom.

Especially useful for me, is the ability to compare two images side by side, make adjustments, and then review again. Using this method, it is possible to get a series of graphics to have the same look and feel. This is very powerful for creating a group presentation for example. Also, if you get one image corrected, you can copy the adjustment settings from it to similar images. A series can all be corrected very quickly.

Other good news is that adjustments are all not destructive and preserved for each image. If a month from now, you wish to modify the previous corrections, they are all still in the stack and editable. This software is definitely worth a look if the capabilities can help streamline your workflow.

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