Mastering Color Schemes in Photoshop

Photoshop must be transparent. If you are thinking about how to do something in Photoshop, you cannot possibly concentrate on your work. One of the best ways to conquer the monster is to reduce the number of steps needed to accomplish a goal, and see immediate results on your screen. Here is one quick tip that keeps my creative flow at full speed.

You are working on a design graphic. You want to see a lot of color schemes quickly. Create a layer for each color element. Fill the element with any color, and it is now time to experiment. Instead of refilling with a new color or gradient, create a color or gradient style on the layer. You can now cycle through your swatches or gradient library at lightning speed, and immediately see the color changes in the element.

To try different color combinations, nondestructively, duplicate elements (layers) and flip through your colors again. If you decide you like the original choice better, delete the new layer, the old one is still underneath. If you think a color half way in between might look nice, reduce the opacity of the top layer to mix it with the color below. Still not quite right? Cycle through blending modes, and get even more variations.


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