ColorSketches is currently an experiment into blogging, to delve into one of my favorite passions – the world of art. My name is Edward Sine and my main interest at present is digital art. Art that can be created in Photoshop, Painter, 3d Studio, or Lightwave. I like to study traditional art techniques such as oil painting, watercolor, or sketching and apply these techniques to digital media.

In future posts I hope to share some of the techniques and insights I have learned along the way. I also plan to share links to other relevant sites or, if I find some exciting work from another artist, I will point you in their direction.

If you can forgive at least some personal promotion, I would like to point you in the direction of my own personal portfolio BlueNoseGopher.com. I am also trying to develop an online magazine that builds on my philosophy that different design and artistic disciplines are all related and, in fact, tied together. The website, Art n Architecture, addresses the different yet related forms of Art, Architecture, Graphic Design, and Photography.

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