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Gradients in Design

This is just a little tip to provide some options in design and art. Instead of using a solid color, try using a gradient, even if the color variation is subtle. In graphic design, it can add a little more visual interest to a page layout or a web design.

When added to your artwork, it can add a little more realism to an otherwise flat element. A gradient can also form the basis for the sky in a concept that appears outdoors. A gradient can help develop some inexpensive radiosity when doing 3d work. It can be part of the map used in a material, or it can be added afterwards in Adobe Photoshop or Painter.

As with most elements, I will often develop gradients and add them to my library. Then when the design calls for a gradient, I have a whole collection from which to choose. This not only helps keep the mind focused on the design, but allows trying color combinations very quickly.

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