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Painting for Distance

Recently I painted a piece of artwork detailing a new community park which features a proposed fountain as a focal point. Not only did the fountain need to reflect the actual design, but so did the landscaping. This was not particularly difficult, but creating the background presented a challenge. I had to hint at the existing geography of the surrounding area, without making it prominent in the scene. I also needed to create some depth in the work, as some of the background features fade into the distance.

To focus the foreground and make the background appear farther away, I used lighter, less saturated colors on the background objects, while maintaining minimal detail and contrast. This forced the darker, highly detailed objects into the foreground, thus providing a visual separation between the two. The foreground objects were painted even darker, and with the details still sharp, were painted in a very impressionistic style. This moved the depth of focus to the fountain midway between the foreground and background.

Many of the details are lost in the reduced version you see here on the web, but the final painting was printed over four feet wide revealing sharp detail in all three planes of the work.

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