The Same Only Random

When browsing around the web, there is something I have noticed when looking at some architectural renderings. Given, the focus is always the building. That’s where most of the effort lies in modeling, textures, and lighting; but the landscaping, if not done with care, can ruin the painstaking effort for realism in the building.

In nature, everything occurs at random. No two trees, bushes, or blades of grass are the same. Many artists, however, will take the same graphic of a plant and repeat it throughout the work. This is fine, but care should be taken to vary the shape, and lighting wherever it is used so a repetition doesn’t develop. Amazingly, those viewing the work will pick up on it no matter how subtle the repetition becomes. The viewer may not know what it is, but they will know something is off. A little extra time spent on these little details can make the difference between a good rendering and a great one.


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